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Current/Upcoming EVENTS


OSA Annual Instructor’s Exhibition 2019
ByWard Campus

The Ottawa School of Art is proud to present their annual Instructor’s exhibit! A lot of beautiful works on display. I am honoured to be working with all these talented teachers!

Exhibition dates: July 25, – August 25, 2019
Vernissage/Opening Night: Thursday July 25, 2019, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Free Admission

Main gallery
Ottawa school of Art – Byward Campus
35 George Street

Art House Cafe group exhibit 

The Art House cafe have consistently displays a wide variety of beautiful local art on their walls (including some of mine!) and at a ongoing rotation.

Group exhibit: On going

Location:  555 Somerset St W., Ottawa, ON
Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am to 10pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm.
For all additional information or inquiries,
please contact




APIVERTE is a local company on a mission to improve the lives of honeybees through innovative products that make beekeeping accessible to all. Residents can take part in community supported agriculture (CSA) by purchasing shares of premium, small batch, geo-located and personalized honey. (

My work is located on a bee house at Juniper farm, in Wakefield, QC.



Illumnaata “All Together”

Ottawa School of Art’s Community Mural Celebration

Illunaata, meaning “all together” in Inuktituk, is a celebration of Canadian imagery and community through the medium of paint. To mark this momentous year, The Ottawa School of Art (OSA) partnered with Ottawa 2017, Ottawa Community Housing (OCH), and the Embassy of Imagination (EOI) to create a series of murals that are universally accessible, promote diversity, respect, positivity, and speak to OSA’s motto, “Teaching Art to everyone” by sharing art with everyone!

I was so honoured to be asked to lead one of the murals for this project. Thank-you to my assistant, Jasmine, and to the youth from the neighborhood for all your hard work in helping me paint this wall. A special thanks to the Ottawa School of Art and the Lowertown community for giving me this opportunity and to my partner in crime for helping me paint, carry, and push my scaffolding around!

Thank-you to friends, family, and community members and representatives for coming to the unveiling, I had a wonderful time! …And for the cake, the cake was delicious 😛
145 Beausoleil Drive!


Free Admission

Location:  50 Mackenzie King Bridge, Ottawa, ON, K1N 0C5, CANADA
Hours: 9 am to 9 pm daily
Currently they have 2 of my drawings.

If you can’t visit their gallery, you can try their online shop!

Location:  50 Mackenzie King Bridge, Ottawa, ON, K1N 0C5, CANADA
Hours: 9 am to 9 pm daily
For all additional information or inquiries,
please contact