Branding design

Below are some promotional branding designs and illustrations I have done for various local companies and organizations.

Client: Travel with Celery
Logo/Website Banner Design, Twitter Wallpaper, Social Media Profile Image. Adobe Illustrator CS5.5, 2013.

Logo design

tws sm icons


Client: Strawberry Blonde Bakery
Logo redesign, Web banner, Event/Demo banner, Business card. Adobe Illustrator CS5.5, 2014


Store front lettering design
Store front lettering design

Client: Healthy Transportation Coalition/Health Bridge
Logo designs, social media profile, report design, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS5.5, 2015





Bayshore Report-Draft_01-1

Client: Ecology Ottawa
Eco Gala event branding for social media and gift tote illustration design
Adobe Photoshop CC, 2020



Client: Ecology Ottawa
Can a doughnut save Ottawa? Online event illustration and branding
Adobe Photoshop CC, 2020


donut for website