Student Testimonials

  I’ve taken a few excellent classes in person with Maya, and was really disappointed when the pandemic started and all the teaching venues closed. However, Maya reacted promptly and has adjusted extremely well to the new online teaching format. In Maya’s Zoom classes, not only do you get to learn about key aspects of drawing and painting, but you also get a much closer look at her demonstration and tips to improve your art, thanks to the overhead camera. She also leverages digital tools to provide personal advice and suggestions on the students work, if they so wish. I can’t wait for her next class!

Christel L. Drawing and Painting courses

I can’t speak highly enough about Maya’s illustration classes. Her teaching method is so effective and to-the-point that concepts just click in your head as she’s demonstrating them. I still can’t believe I’m able to draw a realistic human face after one single demonstration! If you want to learn to draw in a way that makes sense and sticks, take any of Maya’s classes. They are light and fun but as informative as any formal art school drawing classes.

Barbara K., Drawing for the Absolute & Terrified Beginner Online course and
Illustration and Multimedia for Beginners

Maya is an excellent teacher. Each class is thoughtfully planned out with supporting handouts and demonstrations. We had a variety of activities both inside and outside of the classroom. Very good Value.

Jennifer G., Travel Sketching and Painting

Thoughtfully designed lessons, great critiquing and non-threatening advice. Very articulate, very enjoyable.

Judy W., Travel Sketching and Painting

Maya’s class is a wonderful introduction to Illustration! It was very accessible and had a little bit of everything while allowing room for your own style and creativity. Going to her class was the highlight of my week.

Emily P., Introduction to Illustration

Maya is a teacher that adapts very well to her student’s needs and she is very knowledgeable.

Edith P.,  Introduction to Illustration

I have really enjoyed this class. I was able to discover digital techniques that I had never heard of or tried of before. Definitely a good course to try.

Lindsay C., Photoshop and Digital Art for Beginners

Maya is a fun, knowledgeable and supportive instructor. She makes the student feel that they are able to draw at a level beyond their expectations by showing them how to methodically approach a drawing. At the end of my projects and the class I was happy with how much I was able to learn in such a short time.

Monique C., Drawing for the Absolute and Terrified Beginners

Maya is very helpful and takes the time with each student to overcome technical difficulties.

Suzanne K., Drawing for the not-so Terrified Beginner

I highly recommend Maya’s course. She is knowledgeable and incredibly personable. She makes certain that the learning is enjoyable and that even the most timid and shy students are drawn to create.

Shawn M., Drawing for the not-so Terrified Beginner

Client Testimonials (graphic design and illustration)

Maya is an excellent graphic designer and has numerous related skills, in addition to being a fantastic person to work with; I would not hesitate to hire her again, should resources become available.

Trevor Haché, Savour Ottawa Coordinator | Just Food; worker
Healthy Transportation Coalition

We hired Maya to work on a couple of projects (mainly illustration) and she has done a tremendous work for us. Maya is a talented illustrator with a great artistic sense. Above all, she’s reliable, she’s quick at understanding what you want and at doing it! She also brings a lot of attention to details and she doesn’t need a lot of supervision. The work she did for us has been published in numerous magazines, on the Web and also on an iPad application (highest reviews). We highly recommend Maya to anyone.

Edouard F. BIOT – MBA, Senior Business Consultant at EB Consulting