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Coming soon…ONLINE classes!

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 all city art centers and schools are currently closed. That’s why I am moving ONLINE! I teach drawing, painting, illustration, digital art, portfolio, and private lessons throughout the Ottawa area. Feel free to email any expressions of interest. I am working on making a course listing very soon!
Do you have questions? Maybe I’ve answered them below!

What am I offering?

Online art classes and private lessons.

Art classes will be similar to what I’ve been offering in the past, with the addition of some new topics! (To see what I normally teach when schools are open visit here.)

While private lessons can be tailor made to meet your needs (it can be for one student or for your family or group of friends).

How the class runs depends on the topic, but this is generally what you can expect:
  • Lesson starts with a demonstration on how to use the Zoom application for our purposes, including how to make the instructor’s video feed the focus on your screen.
  • Topic and materials are reviewed (this information will be sent to students who registered before class starts).
  • Depending on the course. My video feed may switch to example visuals, documents and what I am calling my “demo camera”. My demo camera is another camera I have set up, that I can easily switch to, that is focused on my table top or easel. I will be giving live demonstrations from there.

Why are you using the Live online format?

I have decided to use a Live Online Format for a few reasons. The main one is to stay physically distanced and safe during these times. But also, because they are synchronous events. That is, we will meet virtually at scheduled times to watch my live demonstrations, participate, receive feedback and basically learn together in real-time. As always, my students can communicate with each other and with me during the class time. I believe this is the best way to simulate the regular in-person classroom environment! (Not to mention you can take the class in your comfy clothes, have snacks near by, and there’s no commute to class!)

How will this work?

I will be using Zoom, an online video conferencing tool. It is a free application.* Although you do not need an account with Zoom to join a class, you do need to download the application. Instructions to how to do this will happen automatically when you use the link I give you once your registration goes through. Or you can just go ahead and try it yourself ahead of time with your friends and family. (There is a free plan). It is wise to test your sound and audio ahead of time. Visit and click ‘Sign Up’ OR download the app on your smart phone or tablet device.

*Your instructor (me!) has purchased a paid version of the application so that we have access to extra things and longer class times for our lessons! Again, students join Zoom for free!

How do I sign up for a class(s)?
Each course description will include the price and a registration link. Follow that link to register and then make an e-transfer to
Once your payment has been processed, you will be sent the link and password used to join your class.

How do I sign up for a private lesson(s)?
To schedule a private lesson, email me directly.
What payment method will you be using?

INTERAC e-transfer

What if I sign in to start the class, but nothing happens?

  • Check if you are still connected to the internet. If you have a slow connection, give it some time. 
  • If the problem persists, restart your computer (or phone/table device and try again.)
  • There is also a rare chance that perhaps the instructor (me!) is either experiencing a very unexpected power failure or I have lost my internet connection. Keep trying to join in for a bit and hopefully my system will be back online. If it persists past 30 minutes we will schedule a make up time.

What do you need to participate in your online classes?

  • Decent internet connection
  • PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android phone/tablet device
  • Some basic art supplies (which will be listed in my course descriptions)
  • A nice spot at your place to sit down and make some art!

What kind of at home set up will provide the best learning experience?

  • Because these are art lessons, the bigger the screen the better. If possible, I would shy away from using your phones to join the lessons.
  • For traditional art lessons, have some decent table space and a comfortable chair to watch your lesson from.
  • For digital art lessons, you will need to have access to a desktop computer or laptop, mouse, and keyboard. In these cases, students sometimes sign in with their phones or tablets and follow along on their computers (if they do not have a duo monitor set up).

Do I have to show my face or speak during the class?

You do not need to, but it is recommended. Most laptops, smartphones, tablets, and some desktops have a built-in camera and microphone already. Or you can use an external webcam connected to your computer. Having the ability to hear and see each other adds to the learning experience in a positive way. Students can easily share how their art is doing and ask questions. It is especially helpful for certain classes where I divide the class up into short discussion groups.

However, you can always simply watch the lesson and follow along at home. There is a chat function for those who are not able to, or don’t want to use the audio/video options. And if the internet connection is slow, I may temporarily turn off student video to aid in the delivery of information.

What are you doing to make sure the Zoom class is secure?

I’ve gotten into the practice of using the suggested settings to prevent the security problems: Using a unique ID room # and password (that are not made public – they are sent via email after people register), enabling a waiting room, limit share screen capabilities, lock meeting once the session is underway… If you use Zoom currently, please make sure you are taking the necessary precautions. Zoom has made announcements that they are ramping up their security and I am trying my best to stay up to date with this stuff!


Send me good vibes so that I get this up and running soon! Thank you and take care everyone!

Current/Upcoming event listings:

Art House Cafe group exhibit 


The Art House cafe have consistently displays a wide variety of beautiful local art on their walls (including some of mine!) and at a ongoing rotation.

Group exhibit: On going

Location:  555 Somerset St W., Ottawa, ON
Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am to 10pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm.
For all additional information or inquiries,
please contact



APIVERTE is a local company on a mission to improve the lives of honeybees through innovative products that make beekeeping accessible to all. Residents can take part in community supported agriculture (CSA) by purchasing shares of premium, small batch, geo-located and personalized honey. (

My work is located on a bee house at Juniper farm, in Wakefield, QC.



Illumnaata “All Together”

Ottawa School of Art’s Community Mural Celebration

Illunaata, meaning “all together” in Inuktituk, is a celebration of Canadian imagery and community through the medium of paint. To mark this momentous year, The Ottawa School of Art (OSA) partnered with Ottawa 2017, Ottawa Community Housing (OCH), and the Embassy of Imagination (EOI) to create a series of murals that are universally accessible, promote diversity, respect, positivity, and speak to OSA’s motto, “Teaching Art to everyone” by sharing art with everyone!

I was so honoured to be asked to lead one of the murals for this project. Thank-you to my assistant, Jasmine, and to the youth from the neighborhood for all your hard work in helping me paint this wall. A special thanks to the Ottawa School of Art and the Lowertown community for giving me this opportunity and to my partner in crime for helping me paint, carry, and push my scaffolding around!

Thank-you to friends, family, and community members and representatives for coming to the unveiling, I had a wonderful time! …And for the cake, the cake was delicious 😛
145 Beausoleil Drive!