Public works

In 2014 I took part in a street mural beautification project with the Ottawa School of Art and the Ottawa Chinatown BIA. It was my first experience painting public street art. Since then I have been working on similar projects, big and small throughout the city. Below are my projects from past to present:

775 Somerset St. West, 2014.
Front window and three side panels.


Photo of me applying my sketch/masking. As you can see the other panels have been primed and blue paint added with rollers

front_finalcanon_02.jpgscrolls B+CFinal_HTC_01

713 Somerset St. West, 2014:  2 panels with elephants
Others were created by fellow artist, Kimberly Edgar:


662 Somerset St. West and Bronson Ave., 2015:
Large mural on brick wall

Photo of mid-ground painted in
Street mural by Maya Hum 2015
Final painting! More elements were added as per client request, but I had to stop at this point.

157 Beausoleil Drive (Lowertown Community House), 2017.

Title of this project is: Illunaata, meaning “all together” in Inuktituk, a celebration of Canadian imagery and community through the medium of paint. To mark Canada’s 150th Anniversary.

My biggest mural yet. That’s me on the scaffolding!



Somerset Street West Flower Planters, 2018:

Along Somerset Street West in Chinatown, 2018: Many of the planters along this street have local art on them, I did three of them:


Juniper Farm, Wakefield, Quebec. Permanent mural installation on Bee Houses, 2019. 

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A Bee’s Tree House by Maya Hum. This painted panel installation was inspired by the notion of creating a happy dwelling for honey bees. The mural features playful houses surrounded by bright colours and blossoming flowers, merged with Apiverte’s EZHouse bee management system design.

APIVERTE is a local company on a mission to improve the lives of honeybees through innovative products that make beekeeping accessible to all. (


Chinatown, Ottawa, Ontario. Barrier painting at Somerset St. W. and Bronson Ave. 2019.