Public works

In 2014 I took part in a street mural beautification project with the Ottawa School of Art and the Ottawa Chinatown BIA. It was my first experience painting public street art. Since then I have been working on similar projects, big and small throughout the city. Below are my projects from past to present:

775 Somerset St. West, 2014. Front window and three side panels.


Photo of me applying my sketch/masking. As you can see the other panels have been primed and blue paint added with rollers

front_finalCanon_02scrolls B+CFinal_HTC_01

713 Somerset St. West, 2014:  2 panels with elephants. Others were created by fellow artist, Kimberly Edgar:

Street-art Maya Hum
under painting photo


662 Somerset St. West and Bronson Ave., 2015: Large mural on brick wall

Photo of mid-ground painted in
Street mural by Maya Hum 2015
Final painting! More elements were added as per client request, but I had to stop at this point.

157 Beausoleil Drive, 2017: My biggest mural yet. That’s me on the scaffolding!


Along Somerset Street West in Chinatown, 2018: Many of the planters along this street have local art on them, I did three of them: