Lines and Stories

By: Maya Hum 2011
Paths, by Maya Hum, 2011

A new blog, a new spring season, well almost on the latter. It’s mid-March, there’s still snow sitting on the ground, but we’re in the one-digit range in terms of temperatures (yay!). I am working away indoors on a series of drawings titled “Lines and Stories.” This series of work is for a solo exhibition I will be having this summer at the Shenkman Arts Centre. It is inspired by the line – the thoughts and memories this expression evokes as well as related narratives on overcoming daily life challenges.

This idea started a couple of years ago for me and the interesting part is getting responses from others of what “the line” makes them think of. So ask yourself, what does “the line” make you think of? Do these two words remind you of a particular experience or memory?

For me, I think of things like how a line keeps you tethered and secured or alternatively, trapped. I think of the electrocardiograms (heart monitor) loved ones have been connected to. I think of how crazy it was that I once had to climb a rope and touch the ceiling in gym class (I did not make it!). I think of drawing.

This is my major endeavour at the moment. My medium of choice for this project is drawing with a bit of painting. This exhibition will take place in the biggest venue I’ve had thus far to fill with just my artwork…so yes, I am definitely a bit nervous! So in hopes of NOT having a mad rush of work to do weeks before the opening, I will post regular updates on my progress. With a bit of luck, this will keep me on track!

So far I have 15 potential 14” x 17” drawings completed, here’s a peek!

Drawings  by Maya Hum
Some of my drawings for “Lines and Stories”

As well as four large-scale drawings on the go, more on that later…
Let me know what “the line” means to you!

Oh and here’s a great quote from German-Swiss painter, Paul Kleea line is a dot that went for a walk. Love it!

One thought on “Lines and Stories

  1. Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers says:

    The lines created when paper picks up ink from etched lines, linocuts, woodcuts, engravings, drypoints….and the line of the embossment too!

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