The title for my last large scale drawing for my “Lines and Stories” Exhibition is called breakthrough.  Coming to this composition was actually a breakthrough of sorts too!

The image I was working from for this drawing was a blurry photograph I took of me jumping up and down. The intention was to represent stomping something, like a line that segregates. I was having a lot of trouble with this though (I had started second guessing using this photo…).  After taking a break (months!) from it, I finally sat down and brainstormed. I noticed I had previously wrote the word “net” in my sketchbook. Like a net that traps. Then I realized I could take that idea and work it into this drawing somehow. As you can see I later drew in lines over the shinbones, lines that she is breaking through.

I hope this image can be interpreted in different ways though. Here are some in-progress close up pictures of the legs. I’ll put up an image of the final work in full once it’s up in the gallery!

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