Graphite powder glazes

I’ve been meaning to post some follow-up pictures to the small drawings I posted last week. Heeeere they are (with captions):

The technique I use is something I’ve been experimenting with in the last 2 years.  I mix graphite powder with gel medium to create light translucent greys. The different mixtures I use are then painted over top a line drawing. Before this step, I spray the line drawing with a workable fixative so that the line work does not smudge away when my wet glazes are brushed over the paper.  I let each layer of glaze dry, adding more layers to darken some areas = Voilà a drawing that is kind of like a painting!

[PS: the show gets installed at the gallery tomorrow (eek!)  I really hope it will look good. I will try to take some pictures.  Also, my studio feels eerily empty without all my drawings hanging everywhere. I shall have to fix this next!]

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