Lines & Stories Series (All)

Hello! For those who are curious/did not get a chance to see them in person at the gallery or earlier posts, I decided to put all the drawings in this series into a single post: ) Pictures below!

“Lines & Stories”

Artist Statement:
For this series of work I was inspired by “the line” and the thoughts and memories this expression can evoke in us. Each drawing involves a figure set against incomplete environments, each hinting at a possible story, circumstance, and/or emotion. The imagery is meant to explore the lines we take, break, change, or create in order to overcome everyday challenges and to progress forward.

Description of works:
This exhibition consists of a collection of medium to large-scale figurative drawings. The medium sized works are mixed-media on paper. Each is started with a pencil drawing. Graphite powder mixed with polymer medium (glaze) at varying ratios was then painted onto the drawing to create tone and texture. The addition of the red fluid acrylic to the line(s) was added to create contrast and focus to sections of the composition. The large-scale drawings are done on mylar film. Each is started as a loose sketch and then many lines were drawn over the form to create shape and three-dimensionality. I used soft rags to go over sections of the drawing, following the form and essentially wiping away most of the image. The graphite sits quite loosely on the film at first so it is easy to wipe off. With each new layer I create, more graphite adheres to the surface and gradually through this process a toned drawing appears.

Hover over image to see title and size. Click to see full image (they are not all square format).

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