New project: Painting on recycled materials

A couple years ago my eldest brother renovated his kitchen and he had a lot of left over wood moulding scraps. I couldn’t let these pieces get thrown away so I took and stored them in my closet for months…a YEAR later I’ve finally decided to do something with them:P

After gesso-ing a number of pieces I’ve come up with a series of funny animal paintings, here’s the first one! It is called “floored” and I feel this speaks to how I feel sometimes:P

"Floored" by Maya Hum
“Floored” by Maya Hum

For this one I painted the back side of the moulding piece. Once finished it was easy to hammer in a hook in the back so the painting can hang off a wall. Also since the wood is so thick it can sit firmly on flat surfaces.  As you can see the format is a bit odd, as it was cut at angles for the kitchen reno. I kinda like that it isn’t a perfect rectangle. What do you think?
Media: Pencil, Acrylic, watercolour, and India ink

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