I’m alive! Despite winter blues…

Today I had a picture frame nearly hit me in the studio. Thaank-you reflexes!

OKAY, so I am trying horribly hard to stay optimistic despite the cold, ice covered roads/side-walks, and frostbite warnings! FYI my studio is in perpetual freezing mode. Drawing and painting has more or less come to a halt as I am busy doing logo and design work for many wonderful clients. And I may have mentioned, it is really cold here (I’m not a fan)!

BUT I managed to try using graphite watercolor pencils last week and so far I like them quite a bit.

This is what happened:  a not-really-finished portrait (copied from a magazine).  I plan on working on it again later, stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “I’m alive! Despite winter blues…

    1. mayahum says:

      Thank-you Ashesela! I know, it’s the walking-like-you-can slip-any-minute that’s really getting to me. I just checked out your blog, love the painting of clouds:) Maya

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