Street-Art Part 2

Another street art project for the Fall…


For the month of September I’ve been working on a second street mural (Located at 713 Somerest Street W. Phuket Royal Restaurant) in Ottawa’s Chinatown. It is a collaborative work between Ottawa artist, Kimberly Edgar and myself. Kimberly had designed and painted the initial panels, but due to recent renovations there were 2 panels left blank. This is where I was brought in to fill in the rest.


Initially I had a very hard time pitching an idea. I was thinking of how I could put new artwork on those panels without it being odd looking next to another artist’s painting. In the end I did not want to disregard Kim’s design, but honour it. After messaging her, I had the go ahead to try to replicate her style so my work would blend with hers.

I did want to add something extra, so I designed 3 elephants with floating flower petals and drop shadows. Below is an image from my initial design pitch for the client:

01. MayaHum_PhuketRoyalPainting-Mockup

The restaurant liked it! Thank-fully there wasn’t a lot of back and forth regarding the design. They did ask that I paint their trunks going more upwards (like the middle elephant). This was an easy adjustment for me to make. The proposal process this time around was a lot quicker! (Click here to see my posts on my previous street-art project)

I started painting in mid-September. Here are my in progress photos. Click on a photo to start a slideshow view, with captions.

It took me 3 visits to the site to finish painting. I ended up painting in the dark on the last day so I could finish. I did not want to risk missing out on the great weather conditions.

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