A wish

Happy New Year! Yes, I am aware that it is the 21st of January…time is already flying! ANYWAYS… This past Sunday was the last day of my exhibit. I went in to take the remainder of my pieces back to my studio (I sold 5 of them!).

I had an amazing experience with the Fritzi Gallery (Thank-you GCTC/Fritzi Gallery!). I definitely  hope to show there again.  SO.  Now that the show is down, as promised, I will start posting photos of my finished works created for the “illustrated.” show right here.  Heeeere we go!

Title: A wish
Medium: Pencil, Pan Pastel, India Ink
Model: Colleen

A Wish, B y Maya Hum
A Wish, B y Maya Hum

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

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