Early stages of a drawing

Here is a photo of an early stage of one of my drawings. (For my upcoming art exhibit!) I’ve actually been planning this work for almost 2 years! I always had half the concept in place and couldn’t make up my mind for the rest, oh artist block. So… I am happy to finally have figured it out. Having warm sunshine must have helped too. (For those not living in Ottawa, Canada, the winter weather seemed to linger a little longer than usual this  year, brrr.)

Once the drawing begins, it starts very light. This encourages change if need be as nothing is set in stone. Once I feel comfortable, I slowly define my lines and start adding value. I am excited for this one, stay tuned 🙂

Medium: Pencils on BFK reeves paper (for now)
Model: Jacqui (a fantastic local performance artist)

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