Imagined places – Art Exhibit – Thankful

Phew! What a world wind. It seems like my exhibit came up and down in a blink of an eye! Here are before to after photos:



Almost done, just doing some final adjustments and about to add my labels:



It seems that since my recent art exhibit has finished my life has gotten super busy! Hoping to get more organized before the Fall season. One of my goals is to continue creating new works based on my Imagined places themes:

  • delicate and detailed
  • present environments balanced between reality and the mind’s eye.
  • inspired by untold or neglected narratives
  • stories about conserving the well-being of others, yourself, and the environment.

I hope to show a more robust version of this exhibit soon! But for now I am really happy with how my show looked at the Art House Cafe (the photos below are two lovely photos photographed by the gallery – click to enlarge). I got to talk to a lot of people during the opening night, friends, family and strangers.  Your kind words have provided me with much encouragement to keep creating. I am so thankful.

Show and tell soon!


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