I’ve created my first official art challenge!

A daily, weekly, or monthly Art & Creativity challenge!

For me, imagination and art just go together. Other than the fact that I love to illustrate imagined worlds, it’s how I dream, explore ideas, make new ones, and figure things out.
As I was drafting my next art journal workshop. The topic of art challenges floated into my notes. One thing led to another and I ended up starting the #ImagineItChallenge hashtag on Instagram. The goal for this challenge is to encourage creative and imaginative art and ideas! And anyone can join in!

Here are some prompts to get you started. But if you imagined it, tag it!

Challenge #1: Clouds
Illustrate what you see in the clouds today
Challenge #2: 1 +1 = ?
Illustrate an unexpected combination. Example: What happens if you combine a light bulb with flower?
Challenge #3: Dreams
Illustrate your hopes and dreams
Challenge #4: Shape
Illustrate 5 things that are the same shape. Example, what are 5 things that are circular?

Share your work with friends and family! And/or share on Instagram and use the #ImagineItChallenge hashtag and follow me @MayaLikesArt so myself and others can see your creations!
Imagination is such a positive aspect of being creative. How has it impacted your art practice?