FREE Art Calendar! Happy holidays everyone!

FREE Art Calendar! Happy holidays everyone!

I sat down today and realized I’ve been doing these calendars since 2014! The format is the same, but the illustrations have evolved over the years. ANYWAY, it is a tradition that I love doing as it gives me a chance to look back, and to look forward to the next with optimism. It is because of you that I make them, it reminds me of the support and encouragement I’ve received for my artistic endeavors.❤️❤️ Whether you’ve taken an art class, bought or gone to see my art, or follow me here, I am SO Grateful. Thank YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️

A milestone for me this year was that I started teaching the basics of Chinese brush painting as a stand-alone course. I have a bit (a lot!) of imposter syndrome with this topic, and it was purely from a select group of students that encouraged me (kinda relentlessly 😂) to do this! (You know who you are!).It was the first type of painting I was introduced to (before I could read and write) by my late mother. A talented painter herself. And has been a part of my life ever since, but I just never thought I was good enough to teach it. This year that changed, I guess. So, this time around I’ve used my examples from my Chinese Brush Painting and Exploring Drawing and Watercolour classes I taught this year! 💕

To download your calendar, follow this link or click the image above.

I hope you like it! Wishing you a very happy new year. Please be safe and be healthy as best as you can everyone! ❤️