Exhibition is up!

The show is installed! Yay! Despite my attempts of being on top of things, I ended up having many late nights (and very early mornings) in a row preparing everything for the installation. My arms, neck, and hands are more or less recuperated!

In terms of the installation, the major hiccup was figuring out how to hang my large drawings with the existing hanging system at the gallery.  Long story short, we couldn’t…well we could, but it would be frustrating. SO instead we “Macgyver’ed” a new system involving… fishing line.  Haha, high five for problem solving!  In the end, 25 pieces were hung up. You will have to wait until after the opening for pictures of the final set up ; )
Or if you are in town, come to the opening reception: July 7th, 1-3pm, Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON. (Admission is free, there will be food, oh and art for sale!)

But here is a Before shot, the lettering was just put in place when this was taken:

Lettering is up. Pre-install shot of "Lines and Stories" Art Exhibition
Lettering is up. Pre-install shot of “Lines and Stories” Art Exhibition

While I’m at it, here is the current status of my favourite pencils! (ended up buying a new set awhile ago)

My pencils are disappearing!
My pencils are disappearing!

Overall, the install went very smoothly.  This could not have happened without the assistance of the Arts Centre Programmer (Thanks Mike!), who after I had gone over the layout, did everything himself and let me have my afternoon free.  A grateful thanks to my eldest sibling Tom for helping me lug my art into the gallery in the first place!  (I once carried my art through the Toronto subway system for my first solo show, having someone with a big vehicle and an extra pair of hands makes a HUGE difference!)

Also, a BIG thank-you for all of you who comment, follow, and like my posts! You have given me much needed motivation and encouragement. Again, THANK-YOU : )

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