Photos of the gallery and exhibition

Here’s are some photographs of the gallery which held my Lines & Stories exhibition. The show was up for about a month and I was sad to go help dismantle it this week for the next artist to open their show. (If interested, Trinity Gallery’s exhibition schedule can be found here! The next exhibit has Sumi-e paintings!)

Despite seeing them come down, I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to show this series of work; to have friends, family, and strangers come visit the show.  Your comments have given me extra motivation to keep on doing what I am doing. A special thanks to those who took their time to leave me notes in the comment book, you have all touched my heart. Thank-you.

Lines_GalleryShot_02 Lines_GalleryShot_05 Lines_GalleryShot_07 Lines_GalleryShot_09 Lines_GalleryShot_04 Lines_GalleryShot_10Lines_GalleryShot_01

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