This weekend: Nuit Blanche Ottawa + Gatineau


So tomorrow will be Ottawa’s second Nuit Blanche, a city-wide all night art festival.  Why am I talking about this? Well it is a spectacular event, I thoroughly enjoy going to Nuit Blanche in Toronto, and Ottawa’s first instalment last year was fantastic. As an artist working to actually do art for a living and well – for life – it is the one event where I feel like without a doubt there is community support for the arts.  Seeing the city come out and participate is just an amazing site and feeling. (Last year we had something like 600 people draw in the pop up gallery I set up and 6000 people walked through! If interested, an old post on that night can be seen here.) So, if you have never been to a Nuit Blanche, do it! They have them in many countries.

Anyways, this year I am part of the same team (lemonjellow arts collective) putting up an installation at Arts Court called lemonjellow luminaries and REALLY hope it runs smoothly:

Lemonjellow Luminaries is an art installation and dance performance. Paper bags display uplifting messages that light spirits up.Viewers are invited to contemplate what brings light into their lives and watch these glowing messages dance before them. (Messages were provided through a call-out to the public through social media.)

The messages we recieved from our call-out from the public were very inspirational, heart-warming, and brought me many smiles. Here’s a snippet of some of them (after some type designing):


Our installation will be outdoors, so weather is always an issue. Wish me luck guys and gals, if you are in town definitely check it out! Here’s the website: Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau

And here’s the link for our project/art collective: Lemonjellow Luminaries! Hoping to brighten your day:)


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