A finished mural and a hurricane later

I’m back online! Here’s a glimpse of my finished street-art! I will post the rest later BUT I just experienced Hurricane Arthur and wanted to post about that…I did end up doodleing a lot because of our long power outage.

So I am taking my summer break in the Maritimes and hurricane Arthur decided to visit.  We had lost power last Saturday and the blackout lasted 4 days for us. There are still parts of the city without power…

Many trees fell from a combination of  sustained winds and heavy rainfall (which compromised the ground structure). Here’s a look at some uprooted trees I came across the following morning.

The power had gone out during the storm. When night came we brought out candles and oil lamps. Boredom soon struck and I had a strong urge to draw. I found it a bit tricky in dim lighting…especially since I decided to work on thumbnails based on rough perspective lines that I drew and quickly couldn’t couldn’t see! This photo actually let in more light than what I could physically decipher.

Drawing by candle light, fitting the lonely artist stereotype : P

Paper, pencils, and cards kept us entertained: Below we each started doodling creatures/characters. I came up with Sheila, hehe.

Anyways, I’m back online now. It is neat how quickly you adjust to situations. It took me a while to realized that I could actually switch on a light switch to look for things again : P  Next post will show before and after shots of my outdoor murals. Then off to a new art project!

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