Street art FINISHED!

Hey! Here are some photos of the site (before and after)! If you are ever in Ottawa’s Chinatown, check it out : )






Breakdown of what went into this:

33 hours on:

  • research and planning
  • creating pitch panels
  • consultations with clients, the BIA. and artist peers
  • obtaining paint and supplies

42 hours on:


Total: 75 hours

Phew! What a learning experience! Here are my maybe-very-obvious tips:

  • Stay hydrated!
  • Make sure to purchase extra primer, it takes more than you think!
  • Rags are your best friend
  • Wear a sunhat and sunglasses. Staring at bright paint/white paint with the sun directly on it is not pleasant. yup.
  • Always step away from your work during your paint process to see how it looks from a distance.
  • Carry business cards with you (which I didn’t) because people will approach you for work (if that interests you)

Aaaand that’s all I can think of right now. 😛

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