Drawing things up close

One of the first drawing exercises my visual foundations instructor had me do many many years ago at my brief stint in art school was to draw random objects up close. To really crop into an object. Years later I still practice this and I recommend this exercise for anyone who works visually. It forces you to observe what you are looking at, to look at shapes, shade, and details.

Here’s a largish drawing I worked on awhile ago of embroidery string, slightly unraveled and  very up close.Work in progress-embroidery string 1Work in progress-embroidery string 2Work in progress-embroidery string 3

9 thoughts on “Drawing things up close

      1. mayahum says:

        Thank-you! I wish I could be a better writer. I often have to write about my work for submissions and events. I find it very tricky!

      2. justinaluther says:

        (-: I suppose people always want what they don’t have. Thank you so much for following my blog! If you’d ever like any writing advice, I’d be happy to try to assist. I’ve taken a few classes.

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