Current project: Nuit Blanche Planning

I got into Nuit Blanche this year in Ottawa and it is coming up really fast! (September 20th – eep!) For those who aren’t familiar, Nuit Blanche is a city-wide art festival (from dusk until dawn). This is the third year I will be participating and I always love the atmosphere when the city basically turns into a giant free art gallery! If you live in Ottawa or Gatineau, make sure to visit their website for full details.

So, this has been my current project for the last month and especially these past couple of weeks! Many late nights planning and putting it all together.

NBO 2014 installation blueprint. Rough. Maya Hum
NBO 2014 installation blueprint. Rough. Maya Hum

What am I doing exactly? Well this was my proposal. To create a window installation inside a local business as well as create some graphic line art on the exterior walls. The latter is still up in the air as I will be using black tape to do this and it won’t work if it is raining, I will keep you updated on that front!

NBO line art installation mock-up/pitch by Maya Hum

My idea is inspired by the saying ‘When one door closes, another opens!’ I invite visitors to explore the display and contemplate those instances when one has had to step aside from their closed door and open or create a new one. Earlier this past summer I sent a call out to local artists to see if they wanted to participate. I asked them to provide me with a visual work or story which related to this proverb, which will be incorporated into my installation. I am so excited by the four accomplished and talented artists I got! Katie Argyle, Dawn Dale, Pat Durr, and Julie LaPalme. I will dedicate a post just on them later!

Right now I’m about to finish building the window display. I then need to work on supports and final details…back I go!

Oh and I forgot to mention, my installation will be located in Westboro at Strawberry Blonde Bakery, 114 Grange (behind the Ottawa Bagelshop), Wellington West. Ottawa. September 20th from 6:20 pm – 4:21am. They make delicious treats (not kidding I eat their baked goods almost daily…) so it’s a win-win: Art and food! 😀

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