My guest artists! #NBO14

As mentioned in my previous post I have 4 AMAZING artists contributing to my art installation at this year’s Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau (which is happening tomorrow night!). I wanted to dedicate a post just for them! So here is a bit about them, how I know them, and why I think they are great. As well as pics of their contributing art piece. (But please check out their individual websites or blogs if you get the chance, they are all extremely accomplished!)

Katie Argyle: Is a multidisciplinary artist, working in plastic, clay, printmaking, painting, and drawing. Originally from Sudbury, I first met Katie in Ottawa when I started art school, where she was the expert ceramics tech. I later realized that she had a long career in the visual arts. Her work is fun, clever, and just hilarious in the right kind of way. I think this is why we became quick friends. She also has an amazing talent for showing the emotion of the moment in her pieces, particularly her woodcut prints (click link below for a glimpse). I’m very lucky to have had a chance to work with her.
You can read a great Q&A session she did with Ottawa Focus here.
Katie currently works out of Necessity Studios, in Aurora, ON

‘Opening Door, with surprise” by Katie Argyle

Dawn Dale: An accomplished artist in sculpture, public art, and installation art, Dawn has been an instructor for the Ottawa School of art since 1990. Her work is very thoughtful, often rooted in nature, environmentalism, and feminism. I had the honour to have her as a mentor for my recent street-art project. She is a work colleague (we both teach at the same school!), friend, and art guru! For more information about Dawn visit her website here.

'Opening Door," by Dawn Dale
‘Opening Door,” by Dawn Dale

Pat Durr: Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, USA, Pat moved to Ottawa in 1964, where she became part of the local art scene. Her contributions to arts organizations lead to the creation of Arts Court and the Ottawa Art Gallery. I am honoured to have her participation. I met Pat through the Ottawa-Gatineau Printmaker’s Connective, where I was a member and communications volunteer. She was a guest lecture and showed us amazing slides of her huge industrial printing press in the states. To see what I mean and for more information about this inspiring woman, visit her website here.

Opening door, by Pat Durr
Opening door, by Pat Durr

Julie LaPalme: Is a mixed-media artist and founder of the local arts collective Lemonjellow Productions. I first met Julie from being part of an art show she had put together. I remember it being such a unique and gratifying experience; she converted her house into a public gallery for one giant art party. The atmosphere was so inviting and you could really see people interested in discovering what each room had to offer. She later asked me if I would like to be part of her next art happening and help organize. I said YES! From working with Julie I learnt a lot about event planning and art promotions. Her strong do-it-yourself mentality is very contagious! I am lucky to call her a close friend.
You can visit her blog here!

When one door closes 10 more open! by Julie Lapalme
When one door closes 10 more open! by Julie Lapalme

All of these works are part of the larger art installation, come check it out tomorrow night at:

Strawberry Blonde Bakery, 114 Grange (behind the Ottawa Bagelshop), Wellington West. Ottawa. September 20th from 6:20 pm – 4:21am. During NUIT BLANCHE!


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