Nuit Blanche recap

This past Saturday I was so excited to bring my “Open Doors” installation to the bakery to start setting up for Nuit Blanche Ottawa + Gatineau. Let’s just say it was taking up a lot of space in the studio! Here’s a glimpse of what it ended up looking like. My big hiccup was that I did not know that the exterior lights on the building did not work, so for the first couple of hours of the evening it was very hard to see my artwork. (I apologize to those who saw it during that time frame!) Thankfully I was able to call in to have 2 exterior spot lights brought in last minute. Phew! I was very happy with the end result. Despite the sporadic rain we kept getting. But as you can see below, it did start to unravel my line/tape art.

Window installation
Window installation
Line art
Line art

Thank-you to all those who visited! More detailed photos to come in the next post!

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