How did I start this mural?

Hello! As mentioned in my previous post, I was asked to lead a new mural project.

To mark this momentous year (Canada’s 150th), The Ottawa School of Art (OSA) partnered with Ottawa 2017, Ottawa Community Housing (OCH), and the Embassy of Imagination (EOI) to create a series of murals that are universally accessible, promote diversity, respect, positivity, and speak to OSA’s motto, “Teaching Art to everyone” by sharing art with everyone!

But what happened next?

For this project, it began with meeting the community. We discussed what themes and ideas they wanted and questionnaires were handed out. I received a lot of feedback to go through! This is when a lot of back and forth happened between myself and the community. There was a lot to consider when creating this mural.

I considered its location (Beausoleil Drive – Beautiful Sun), symbols for the community and how to connect the mural to Canada’s 150th. Here is what my first idea map started to look like:

I planned a colour scheme:

And ultimately sent them my proposals. This was the one they liked the best:

This was the original design, in my next post I’ll show how the design was changed to meet the community needs better!