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Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well and able to enjoy some sunshine.

Since around mid-April I started hosting free online Art Journaling classes every Sunday. It was something I felt I needed to do as we were all in the midst of strict social distancing rules. I suddenly stopped seeing my family, friends, co-workers, and my students to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. I wanted a safe space to still see everyone and thought why not make it an art event?

Working on my journal helped to quiet my mind and relieve some stress. So I started learning about how to host and run live online art lessons on journaling. On April 19th I hosted the first FREE “Art Journal with a local artist” drop-in Zoom session. It was a starter lesson where I talked about what an art journal means to me. How to make one with minimal materials (if you don’t have one), and how to start when you don’t know where to start!

Fast-forward to present time, I’ve had done 20 art journaling sessions and half featured amazing lessons from local guest artists/teachers! We’ve had a range of 15 – 35+ participants sign up each week! Including students across Canada, as well as international participants! I sometimes forget to sit back and actually look at what things I’ve lived and experienced, so I decided I should blog and record what we have learned!

So here is what each week has been like since April 19th!
If you want to join into the next session, I post it here. And on my social media.

Update: I’ve since slowed down and taken a break from running these sessions as often (as the pandemic restrictions have lifted). But I still host freebie classes whenever I can so maybe I will see you in the next one!

List of lesson topics covered so far!

April 19th, 2020: Lesson on Art journaling and creating backgrounds. Artist/Instructor: Maya Hum

first lesson

April 26th, 2020: Lesson on Colour. Art prompt: Mood. Instructor: Maya Hum


July 5th, 2020: Lesson on Narrative Collage. Guest Artist/Instructor: Kristina Corre


May 10th, 2020: Special lesson for Mother’s day on no glue/sew book binding and decorative paper making. Instructor: Maya Hum


May 17th, 2020: Lesson Blackout Poetry. Guest Artist/Instructor: Barbara Kowalski


May 25th, 2020: Lesson on Collage. Guest Artist/Instructor: Sabine Modder


May 31st, 2020: Lesson on simple 1-page book making. Prompt: “What’s your story.”  Guest Artist/Instructor: Katie Argyle


June 7th, 2020: Lesson on Landscape and Mindfulness Painting. Artist/Instructor: Maya Hum


June 14th, 2020: Lesson on accordion book making and collaborative art. Guest Artist/Instructor: Deidre Hierlihy 


June 21st, 2020: Lesson on 3 easy ways to paint trees. Artist/Instructor: Maya Hum


June 28th, 2020: Lesson on Faces. Guest Artist/Instructor: Dawn Dale

dawn 2 instagrampromoImagefile

July 12th, 2020: Lesson on Visual Recipes. Artist/Instructor: Maya Hum

recipes example

July 26th, 2020: Lesson on still life: A journey seen through physical items. Guest artist/Instructor: Patty-Lou Laalo

patty 2 instagrampromoImagefile

August 9th, 2020: Lesson on Imaginative Watercolour. Artist/Instructor: Maya Hum

aug 9 instagrampromoImagefile

August 23rd, 2020: Lesson on Inspiration Boards. Artist/Instructor: Maya Hum

September 3, 2020: Lesson on daily sketching practice
Artist/Instructor: Lissa Rachelle

September 27, 2020: Lesson on Art Challenges
Artist/Instructors: Maya HumBarbara KowalskiSabine ModderMelanie JohannaLissa RachelleAmanda Shore and Laurie Foster!

October 18, 2020: Lesson on Pop up pages!
Artist/Instructor: Maya Hum

November 15, 2020: Lesson on Unearthing your unique story with collage
Artist/Instructor: Michelle Casey

December 20, 2020: Lesson inspired by Starry Night!
Artist/Instructor: Maya Hum

February 7, 2021: Lesson on wire sculpture and paper pop-ups!
Artist/Instructor: Patti Normand

September 3, 2021: Lesson on Nature Journaling
Artist/Instructor: Maya Hum

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