My exhibit “Evoking Worlds”

I’m now finally able to write about how the opening reception went for my exhibit!

Evoking worlds solo exhibit opening by Maya Hum 2016

It was amazing!

Evoking worlds solo exhibit opening by Maya Hum 2016

When I arrived I got a bit emotional. I came early before anyone else did, and it was the first time I saw all of these works up on the gallery walls. (When I went to drop them off, I did not see them go up yet).  And I started feeling silly thinking this show might not work or that I didn’t have enough pieces. Funny how you don’t realize these things until you actually see it put together. I was very grateful with how it looked and the venue fit my drawings perfectly. Thank-you Shenkman Arts Centre!

Evoking worlds solo exhibit opening by Maya Hum 2016

Evoking worlds solo exhibit opening by Maya Hum 2016

During the opening I had a lot of fun talking to friends, family, and people I’ve never met before. One of the most common questions I got that day was what is my favourite piece? It is a really hard question, as I can’t really pin point a favourite. But I will say that after seeing the show up and completed, I now gravitate to the first drawing that started me going on this particular series: “Forget me not”

Photo of "Forget me not." taken at the opening reception of "Evoking Worlds" by Maya Hum
Photo of “Forget me not.” taken at the opening reception of “Evoking Worlds” by Maya Hum

This drawing, hands down, took me the longest to complete. I spent so many days going back and forth with it. Changing how the flowers looked, even how the face looked! I started getting really frustrated with it, but I now realize that I needed to get through this, as I believe it made the drawings I did after it much easier to handle.

Thank-you so much to those who came out to see the show. Here are some more photos!  (Click to view slideshow)

This exhibit is sadly coming down soon (the last day is next week, Tuesday September 20th, 2016). If you want to check it out in person this is your last chance! It’s at Shenkman Arts Centre – Trinity Gallery.

Again, thank-you everyone for your support. And thank-you to my friend and photographer/visual artist Clare Brebner for being my photographer!

Next I need to sit down and upload images of each piece. Stay tuned!

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