Just start something

Hello everyone!

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to sit down and blog. I’ve been feeling down lately. Thinking of how far behind I’ve gotten in keeping my art practice up only makes it worse. *Sigh*

Truth of the matter is that my health hasn’t been that great and its unfortunately influencing my productivity more than expected. But I have to start somewhere and build my strength back up. It’s ok if it takes time…a very long time (I keep having to remind myself), as long as I start something. I’m not the only one going through rough patches, and as a student recently told me:

“to me, drawing is the best medicine.”

Time and time again, I’ve experienced this to be true. It calms you down and gets your mind to focus on what is happening at that very moment of each pencil, paint, and/or ink mark.

So back to looking at art, making art, and getting inspired.

Recently I opened up my painting books that were part of my late mother’s collection of books. She was the one who first showed me ink drawing and watercolours. She showed me the style of Chinese watercolour. I decided to try to teach my weekend children’s art class with what little materials we had some of the techniques. I felt like I was channeling my mom!

“Make your bamboo strong.”

It was emotional, yes. But healing as well. It was a hit with my classes too 🙂 Here were my demonstrations:

Kid's painting demos from my mom's books
Kid’s painting demos from my mom’s books