Updated website with recent project!

FINALLY! I’ve documented my newest drawings from my Evoking worlds” exhibit from the past summer.
Here they are, let me know what you think. Many thanks! Click image to view in slideshow mode.

A bit more about this project…

Similar to my previous work, I continue to be inspired by the untold or neglected narratives I’ve experienced, shared, or heard from those around me, especially stories about strength and conserving the well-being of yourself, others, and the environment. For these particular works, I was highly drawn to creating environments balanced between reality and the mind’s eye. To evoke imagined worlds so to speak, each exploring personal memories and narratives for inquiry.

Descriptions of works:
The pieces vary from small to large drawings. Each is started with light pencil followed by an application of Pan Pastel powder with a padded pallet knife. To achieve the desired blends, a dampened brush (water mixed with water soluble graphite) is applied over selected parts of the drawing. This is further combined with various grades of graphite pencil.

Thank-you 🙂